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MultiQuad MQ-K1190HD

MultiQuad MQ-K1190HD

$ 8,376.00

MultiQuad Kit MQ-K1190HD One Purchase. Endless Possibilities.

MultiQuad® is a portable exhibit system composed of interchangeable frames and Quads®, giving you the freedom to change messages and images quickly to respond to market demand. Each Quad® easily attaches to the frame with magnets so a change can even be made during a show since no tools are required.

Because of the unique design of MultiQuad, the lifespan can extend far beyond that of traditional displays. With modular aluminum frames as the base structure, users can reconfigure in different arrangements to create a completely new display configuration. Ordering new Quads as the finishing touch, can give the exterior of your MultiQuad exhibit an entirely new appearance.

Buy one MultiQuad® configuration and you can use the same components to create dozens of other exhibits.

MultiQuad® MQ-K1190HD
10′ Backwall w/ 42″ Media Mount, Return Wall and Product Showcases

Kit Includes:
(2) MQX-F24:  2×4 MAX Frames
(1) MQ-F24:  2×4 Standard Frame
(1) MQ-SM4Q:  42″ Media Mount
(1) MQX-SC3:  Two Quad 2×4 MAX Showcase Kits
(2) LF98:   MQ LED Wall Washer
(1) MQ-QTV42K:  Monitor Quad Kit
(4) MQ-Q2323:  Main Quads
(9) MQ-Q2436:  Double Quads
(4) MQ-Q1223: Side Quads
(4) SC50:  Wheeled Flat Shipping Cases


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