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CounterMats, Desk Window

CounterMats, Desk Window

$ 10.08

Designed for Point-of-Sale Situations. Modern, Changeable & High-end, right at the checkout!

Your Promotion Deserves the Best
With no more messy paper taped to the counter or worn out mats, the DeskWindo is an ultra-thin poster display that lies snug on the counter surface.

Ease of Use
The DeskWindo® with its 2-sided opening makes it even easier to update graphics. A stiffer redesiged construction allows for easy handling and storage.

Ultra-Thin Design
The ultra-thin and sleek design of the DeskWindo® 5 provides maximum impact without compromising the surface area.

The Ultimate Counter Mat
The DeskWindo® 5, as the name implies, is afifth generation counter mat. Every aspect has been carefully thought through. Using the strongest materials available have resulted in the thinnest and most durable DeskWindo® ever.

DeskWindo¹s are the ideal way of presenting information to your customer. Your service desk or counter is a place where your customers spend time but where space may be limited. A DeskWindo is designed to be ultra-thin but also very durable and incredibly easy to use. Available in 4 different sizes and two different styles, it’s the retail counter mat that will meet your needs.

Whether you need to inform your customer about your return policy, new opening hours or are looking to interest them in a last minute promotion, DeskWindo is the perfect solution. Just insert a standard size graphic with your message. Your can either conveniently print the message in-store or have us supply you with your printed promotion. The DeskWindo is essentially an exchangeable poster advertising tool. A one time investment that results in cost-effective advertising year round.

With more than two decades of experience in designing and producing shop displays the developer knows it’s important that our products looks a good as your store does. Every DeskWindo in quality checked for any defects. With a crystal clear and scratch-resistant PETG window, your promotion is displayed as lively and vibrant as possible. It ensures that your message stands out where it really matters, at the point of purchase.

The anti-slip backside holds the DeskWindo firmly in place. A counter mat without sticky residue, corners that peel off or sticker edges that fill with dirt over time. When you clean your service desk or counter, you simply lift up the DeskWindo to reach underneath. Cleaning the DeskWindo with a damp microfiber cloth on a regular basis ensures your promotions make an impact time and time again! DeskWindo, in-store advertising perfected!

* Prices shown do not include drop shipping charges.
** ** Graphics sold separately. We would love to print these for you too!

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