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Life Size Cut Outs on 3/16" White Gatorboard

Life Size Cut Outs on 3/16" White Gatorboard

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Life Size Cut Outs

Want a life size stand up of someone? We can do that! Send us the picture to scan, or a digital file of your person, and we’ll print a cut out in life size on 3/16″ gator board. We put a triangle stand on the back so it will stand by itself. We see life size stand ups used in trade show booths, at events and conferences, store front displays. Cutouts are lots of fun. Photos for life size cut outs should be 72-100 dpi in their final size. You will need at least a 4 megapixel (1692xdigital camera image to work well, and that’s if the person fills the photo. More pixels are better!

Typical size is 36″x72″. Remember, we need to think about the structural strength and stability of life size stand ups, so it’s a good idea not to have arms sticking straight out, people standing on one foot, etc.


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