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Invisilock Magnetic Quick Change Graphic Kits

Invisilock Magnetic Quick Change Graphic Kits

$ 158.90

Ever want to frame or use a graphic in a special way but also wanted the option to change it out later? If so I think you are going to love this. This product is a result from a client who asked if we could create a store graphic that was easy for the store folks to update without adhesives or outside labor. Ordinarily we would think in terms of peel and stick graphics but when the sizes are large they can intimidating to put up. I am excited to announce our partnership Visual Magnetics for just this kind of thing.

It is a simple layered system that consists of a magnetic base and a digitally printed graphic that automatically attaches to the base. Since the graphic is magnetic there is no liner to remove, no worry about air bubbles, wrinkles or spoilage. Just take the graphic we provide and stick it on the base. How cool is that? What makes this really unique is you can affix the magnetic base to virtually any flat surface such as a custom wooden frame, retail fixtures, walls, metals, you name it. The graphic is then printed on a special media that attracts to the base. The graphic is not a magnet but instead it is a thin flexible print substrate that can be used with up to three layers. The ability to create a layered graphic is what really separates this from everything else. The print media is super thin so when you place the layered graphic you have to look super close to even notice it is a layer and not part of the original image.

This can be perfect for use in retail, office and even in-home decor. The versatility of this type of graphic makes it a perfect choice for writable surfaces, changeable menu boards, and flexible merchandising. With magnetic receptive graphics you can create professional decor with bold graphics that can be easily changed to reflect a mood or season. It is specially suited for retail, food service, trade show, event and educational environments with frequently changing messages and promotions. Now you have a way to provide simple cost-effective solutions for displays that are easy to use, quickly and easily changeable or re-positioned, reusable and extremely durable. Examples of applications include P.O.P. Displays, Full Wall Graphics Menu Boards, Message Boards, Exhibit Booths, Craft Displays, Retail Graphics and Instruction Boards.

    View the video below explaining how it all works.


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