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PopUp Display Kit 1 for 10' Wide Space with Monitor Mount

PopUp Display Kit 1 for 10' Wide Space with Monitor Mount

$ 1,751.20

It is fun to be a participant in the evolving world of portable displays working with owners, designers and marketing folks on a daily basis. Oftentimes clients need displays to use at meetings, conferences, tradeshows, stores and offices. There is certainly no shortage of options when these kinds of requests come along. A few years back I swore off promoting a particular type of display called the “Pop Up.” The reason for it was the graphic panels had to be handled with kit gloves because of the way they were made. They were a combination of film and laminates and they were easily damaged and expensive to replace. Today that has all changed.

We can now print photographic quality directly to rigid plastic panels which are way more durable than before and at a fraction of the price. A sweet combination for sure. If you will be traveling you can also use the case holding the display as a podium for added convenience. Today our popup displays require no tools for assembly, are portable, versatile, durable and easy to use. We can also build in a wide variety of accessory options such as shelves, monitor mounts, case-to-counter conversion kits and graphics.

To Fit Inside 10 Wide Space - This Kit Includes:
Part # COY-KKG-4X3-C
* 01 x frame (4x3)
* 21 x channel bars
* 04 x front graphic mural panels
* 02 x graphic end cap panels
* 02 x Lumina 200 floodlights
* 01 x OCX molded case (depending on inventory status)
* COY-MM - The CoyoteTM Monitor Mount fully integrates with the straight or curved Coyote systems and offers you the option of presenting digital media from the front face of your Coyote popup display.

Download the art template for this display here

Download the monitor mount data sheet and position option templates

Download the OCX stretch wrap graphic template here


You can see the video for how this works below:

You can see how the case works below:


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