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SalesMate 4x3 Kit A

SalesMate 4x3 Kit A

$ 2,708.80

SalesMateTM is one of the hottest new display options on the market. Compact, convenient and easy set-up,
The SalesMateTM is small in size when traveling, upon set-up the all inclusive skins provide great impact! SalesMateTM kits were designed to provide turn-key table top display options that carry over the excitement and purpose of Xpressions®.

Kits include everything needed to travel and display efficiently at trade shows. Set-up is a breeze with a full size 8’ throw emblazoned with a large perma logo presence. Each 8’ throw can be converted to a 6’ with the included velcro tabs. The SalesMateTM display comes with the graphics already on the frame.


Open - 60.5"w x 45.75"h
Closed - 9.5" w x 8"h
Shipping Weight........ 15lbs.
(Includes frame, graphic, carry bag and Convert-a-throw in box with packaging.)


Bags & Case

  • Large Soft Carry Bag (10" x 10" x 19") ..... $56
  • Small Soft Carry Bag (8" x 8" x 19") ..... $45
  • Hard Shipping Case w/wheels ...... $230.40


  • 35 Watt Universal BCL Light ..... $88
  • 50 Watt Halogen Light ..... $94.40
  • Black canvas light bag w/handle
    (holds 2 lights) ..... $48

LED Light Box

  • Salesmate 1x1 LED lightbox .......... $307.20
  • Optional Backlit 1x1 Xpressions®SNAP!™ Skin  .......... $75.20


  • Rectangular
    Color: Black,White or UV printed
    Dims: 14" x 7.3135" x 1/2"
    Holds: 5lbs. or less
    Weight: .95lbs
    Black & White .......... $24
    UV Printed ............... $40
  • Oval
    Color: Black,White or UV printed

See the Setup Video Below:

Check out the video below that shows how quickly this sets up. Simply open the frame and all the graphics instantly appear in place. Ditto for take down.


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