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Skyscraper Display Stand (Click for Options Below)

Skyscraper Display Stand (Click for Options Below)

$ 541.01

When you need a display stand to hold up when there is heavy traffic, then the Skyscraper Display may be the ideal solution. It is not portable like a rollup display since the uprights are 84" long which could make transporting a challenge but if you are looking for something with a more permanent look, possibly for in store or in crowded walkways then this can be an ideal solution. Perfect for high traffic area such as an airport or stadium events. Can be used as dividers also. This is a building block system so you can also build a variety of shapes as shown below.

Graphics are printed on 1/2" Black Foam Core with a protective luster laminate.

Hold rigid substrates economically and elegantly.  Our Rigid Graphic Stands feature clean design and innovative functionality, all at value driven price points.  Sturdy construction displays graphics in a modern, seamless fashion.  Available in a variety of configurations for large graphic displays up to 8' high.  Our priority is to ensure that your display projects are successful.


  • Sold in pairs at specific heights, they support widths up to 60" wide
  • For wider spans there are connection center uprights, SKCU
  • For corners enclosures, there are corner uprights, SKRA
  • For "T" configurations, SKTU
  • For 4-way center Quad configurations, SKQD
  • Kit includes upright(s) with headless set screws and laser cut steel base(s)
  • Extremely attractive 1" x 2" race track oval aluminum uprights
  • Weighted steel bases
  • Portable, strong, lightweight
  • Choice of Satin Silver or Matte Black finishes
  • Simple 5 minute assembly
  • View graphics front & back
  • Headless set screws secure graphics
  • Graphics can extend beyond upright top
  • A 24" extension kit, SKMMC2 is available for additional height.
Model Description
SKMM6 72" single sided upright, sold in pairs.
SKMM7 84" single sided upright, sold in pairs.
SKMM8 96" single sided upright, sold in pairs.
SKCU6 72" double sided Center upright, each.
SKCU7 84" double sided Center upright, each.
SKCU8 96" double sided Center upright, each.
SKRA6 72" Corner upright, each.
SKRA7 84" Corner upright, each.
SKRA8 96" Corner upright, each.
SKTU6 72" "T" upright, each
SKTU7 84" "T" upright, each
SKTU8 96" "T" upright, each
SKX6 72" 4-way Quad upright, each
SKX7 84" 4-way Quad upright, each
SKX8 96" 4-way Quad upright, each
SKMMC2 24" Upright extension kit
SKMS6 72" single sided upright, each
SKMS7 84" single sided upright, each
SKMS8 96" single sided upright, each

*Note: - Each upright model includes base.

*Colors: -S Satin Silver -B Matte Black

Click here to download the assembly instructions


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