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VBurst Flat BACKLIT Kit. Designed to Fill an 8ft Wide Space (Click for pricing options below)

VBurst Flat BACKLIT Kit. Designed to Fill an 8ft Wide Space (Click for pricing options below)

$ 2,426.00


The VBurst 3x3 Flat BACKLIT is the only pop up backlit on the market that does not show hub shadows on the center of the graphic face. This process is so revolutionary that the product is patent pending.

Convenience, functionality and good looks make VBurst backlits the smart choice for events and trade shows. Unlike the competition, the VBurst light kit is a simple, easy-to-use solution... no fussing with unruly or broken fabric light walls. Other systems are clunky and complicated, VBurst keeps it simple.

When you need a backlit for your 10’ x 10’ space, want to highlight your marketing message or just want to bring your image to life through the power of light, look no further - Get a 3x3 Flat VBurst Backlit Fabric Pop-up!

VBURST BACKLIT UNITS Ship with Backlit Knit Standard.
VBurst 3x3 Flat BACKLIT
VBurst 3x3 backlit frame ......................................... $480
Light Kit & Unprinted back graphic........................... $789
Dye sub front Backlit Knit graphic w/endcaps ......... $1157

                               Total ......................................... $2426 + $256 if hard case added

Note: The 3x3 Flat Backlit frame is slightly different from our other 3x3 frames and the template is different. Download the template from this page for correct template information


Graphic Specifications:
Dye sub Front ... 114.5" x 87.75"
Unprinted Back ... 93" x 88"

Aluminum light hooks (3 per light kit)
34" T5 flourescent lights (6 lights per light kit, 21 watts per light)

8ft Backlit Frame:
Open ... 88 x 88 x 13.5
Collaped ... 12 x 12 x 33.5

Shipping Weight:
Frame only .... 20 lbs.
Frame, Graphics and Light Kit .... 36 lbs.
Frame, Graphics, Light Kit & Case .... 58 lbs

How it works

The VBurst is a fabric pop-up system with a fabric graphic already attached to the frame, using Velcro. It is available as either a flat wall or curved display. When the unit is set up, the graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image across the entire display. The VBurst system comes with a nylon-carrying bag. Adjustable feet are included on each unit. The VBurst frame can also be purchased without a graphic too.

What makes this different and better from similar looking displays?

    • Lifetime guarantee on the frame
    • Metal J-Hooks in the back pull the fabric tight on the front.

      No plastic parts to break on the back like lower quality units

    • Print quality is paramount when your reputation is on the line.

      That is why we only print these via 8/C HD Super Select best quality via the dye sublimation

    • Attention to detail. The final sewing and finishing where everything is clean and precise makes
      all the difference from a display that looks just right vs just okay

      Download the art templates for options in this kit by clicking here

      Download the VBurst brochures by clicking here

      See a quick video of how it sets up below.

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